Sandra Rottenberg works as a free-lance journalist and producer for a wide range of media including television, radio, public debates and political fora.

Since 2003 she has been editor in chief of De Globaliseringslezing (Globalisation Lectures), a collaborative project of the public television programme VPRO/Tegenlicht, the national daily newspaper de Volkskrant, the international development organization NCDO, the publisher Uitgeverij Lemniscaat and the debating centre Felix Meritis.

She is frequently asked to chair public debates on issues such as science, environment, public planning, emancipation, integration and globalisation.
Her publications include a bibliography of women in the media and a history of the squatters’ movement in the Netherlands. Together with her cousin Hella Rottenberg, she writes a book about a story of her grandfather in the thirties in eastern Germany, just before WW II. A radio documentary on the same issue can be heard at